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At the Jacksonville Jewish Center, candidates for conversion to Judaism are welcomed with openness, sensitivity and compassion. Though many factors motivate individuals to choose Judaism, the journey to conversion converges around several essential components:


Before beginning the process we ask potential candidates to reflect carefully on the type of spiritual home they seek and to affirm that choice by visiting the synagogue several times for services and by experiencing a variety of Jewish settings. We consider it our obligation to impress upon candidates the need to grapple with the complexities and implications of this important first step.


Candidates must undertake an extended period of study which includes enrolling in our Foundations of Judaism course taught at the Jacksonville Jewish Center (the course runs from August to May).  Further supplementing that education with study of the Hebrew language significantly enhances the journey towards conversion. Recommendations for Hebrew study are available.

Once this period of study has began and up until conversion, candidates meet periodically with one of our rabbis. Meetings serve as a “safe space” in which both candidates and sponsors discuss the process of developing Jewish identity: taking on specific mitzvot, such as Shabbat and holiday observance, kashrut, prayer and tzedakah; finding a place in the synagogue community; building a sense of Jewish peoplehood and a relationship with Israel; and exploring how conversion impacts work, family and personal relationships. Though we expect conversion candidates to explore and demonstrate a serious and sustained commitment to each of these aspects of Jewish observance and identity, we recognize that for both those born into Judaism and those who choose Judaism later in life, Jewish practice should evolve and grow. Finally, since religious practice and spiritual growth cannot occur without further study, we consider a lifelong commitment to Jewish learning an essential component in the affirmation and nuture of Jewish identity. It is important to stress that there is no set time frame for conversion, rather each individual process is unique and can range anywhere from a period of several months to years.

Final Steps

One of the final steps in the conversion process includes an appearance before a Beit Din (usually a panel of the candidate’s sponsor and two rabbis), in which the candidate discusses his or her journey toward Judaism and affirms his or her commitment to living a life of mitzvot. Pending approval by the beit din, immersion in a mikveh follows. Prior to immersion, men must be circumcised or undergo hatafat dam brit.

For further information about conversion at the Jacksonville Jewish Center, contact Danielle in our clergy office at (904) 292-1000 ext. 115 or