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The Jacksonville Jewish Center owns and operates two cemeteries located at Evergreen Cemetery on the north side of Jacksonville.  The original cemetery usually referred to simply as the “Old Cemetery,” has the graves of the founding families of the Congregation.  The “New Cemetery” is known officially as the Jacksonville Jewish Center Memorial Park.  In addition to the above, the Congregation serves as the religious custodian of the Beth Shalom Cemetery, also located at Evergreen Cemetery. The cemeteries are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day except Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

If you wish further information regarding general information or plot sales, please email Rose Tincher at or call 904-292-1000.


Directions to our cemeteries:

New Center Cemetery: 200 E 43rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32208

Old Center Cemetery:  4535 Main St, Jacksonville, FL 32206  (Entrance at Winona Drive and Evergreen Avenue)

Beth Shalom Cemetery:  4398 Evergreen Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32206 (Enter at gate 5) See Map HERE