Today is February 8, 2023 /

Lifelong Learning

The Jacksonville Jewish Center is committed to the growth of every member of our congregation. We encourage you to reach out and discover our present offerings and share your interests with us so we can organize classes to explore Judaism together.

To date, we have hosted a variety of programs including the annual Safer Shabbaton, the Shorstein Memorial Lecture, and JTS Distance Learning Courses. Through these programs and others we have learned with Rabbi Matt Berkowitz, list a few Safer scholars, Professor Benjamin Gampel and others in their areas of expertise.

Lifelong Learning is more than “big” classes. Join us as we also share experiences with one another.

Weekly learning with Rabbi Lubliner includes Monday Morning Minyan Mapquest and Talmud on Monday nights.

ShalOM Meditation on Shabbat morning for a mindful way to enter Shabbat services.

Join Rabbi Lubliner for Coffee & Torah on the third Shabbat morning of the month to study the week’s Torah portion.