Today is December 1, 2023 /

Sale of Hametz

The Torah tells us that during Passover, “No leaven shall be found in your houses for seven days” (Exodus 12:19). The rabbis understood this to mean that one could not own any hametz during the holiday. To prevent the financial hardship that would result from discarding all of one’s leaven on an annual basis, the rabbis developed a legal mechanism whereby an individual could sell his/her leaven to a non-Jew for the duration of the holiday.

PLEASE REMEMBER that even if you plan to be away from home for the entire holiday, you must still sell all the hametz you own. Similarly, should you own other property, or store leaven products in your office, you must sell the hametz stored in those locations as well.

While there is no charge for the selling of leaven, it is customary to include a charitable contribution with the “Sale of Leaven” form. Checks may be sent to the Jacksonville Jewish Center for Rabbi Lubliner’s Discretionary Fund with a note that it is for the Sale of Leaven or you can make your donation online HERE, or you may send your checks/make online donations directly to the following causes: the JFCS Food Pantry, and/or MAZON – A Jewish Response to Hunger.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW or download and return the form HERE to the Jacksonville Jewish Center Clergy office with your tzedakah donation to be received in our office (not determined by postmark) no later than Tuesday, April 7, 2020. Since Jewish Law requires hametz to be sold no later than Wednesday morning, the deadline is a firm one of necessity.