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Cantor’s Assembly Solidarity Mission

Hazzan Holzer will be taking part in an upcoming Cantors Assembly Solidarity Mission November 26-30. Hazzan will share his experiences on social media and via his blog. The group will be volunteering, sharing music, and being a pastoral presence to those affected by the ongoing conflict. As any specific needs become clear, we’ll send out information to the congregation.

Click below for updates from Hazzan Holzer’s Blog about his trip:

Day One

Day Two – Part One

Day Two – Part Two

Day Three

Day Four – Part One

Day Four – Part Two & Closing Thoughts

Shabbat Thoughts 


While we pray for the safe return of all the hostages, we’ve partnered with USCJ to add prayers for one hostage in particular, Amit Shani. We are please to share that Amit has been returned to his family.

Amit Shani, who turned 16 in captivity, was the only member of his family taken captive by Hamas terrorists on October 7, as they waged war on Kibbutz Be’eri, killing residents, burning houses and, abducting many. Amit’s mother, Tal, 47, had three of her four kids home that morning when rockets began falling and terrorists entered the kibbutz. Amit was kidnapped in front of his mother’s and sisters’ eyes and footage of him in Gaza was circulated online.

May all of the hostages return safely and speedily.

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Mental Health Resources

The Jewish Federation system’s Israel Emergency Campaign has already allocated $10 million to 20 various organizations providing emergency relief and support efforts in Israel. These efforts include: basic necessities; evacuation, housing, respite, & support for frontline communities; cash grants to families/individuals impacted by terror; and assistance to marginalized communities such as people living with disabilities, young children, elderly, and Ultra-Orthodox & Bedouin communities.

Please visit their website,, to see where your dollars are going, how your dollars are being used, daily updates on the situation in the State of Israel, and donate to the 2023 Israel Emergency Fund.

When collective action is needed, Jewish Federations are there.
Am Yisrael Chai!
Now, more than ever, our friends and family in Israel need your support.