Today is May 31, 2020 /

2020-2021 School Year

We are gearing up for a transformative experience come August 2020. It is our goal to improve the clarity of our communication including whole school, individual classes as well as for each individual student.

Due to the experiences of the spring, we are developing multiple options of what the school year could look like: in person, virtual and a hybrid. As part of this development, we will use Google Classroom as a place for all of our learning material to live safely and give our children a safe virtual place to connect with their friends and teachers.

Other changes include using the Hebrew in Harmony curriculum (in grades 3-6) where we will learn the depths of the t’filot (prayers) by encountering. Students will encounter Jewish musicians from around the world as they develop a personal connection to prayer.

Learning from the success of 1:1 Hebrew instruction, we will be incorporating small group instruction on Wednesday afternoons along side of interactive electives such as storytelling, art and games. Each elective will present Jewish history, Hebrew Bible and other Jewish ideas in an engaging and creative way.

School registration forms are available through this Google form.

The calendar is below of the year ahead. Use the “+ Google Calendar” link in the bottom right to subscribe this calendar to your Calendaring Client (Google Calendar, iCal, etc).