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Passover Resources

Sale of Hametz

Form for Sale of Hametz
Please note: Due to Shabbat being Erev Passover, the sale of hametz will take place on Friday.

Blessing for searching for (b’dikat) hametz and burning (biur) hametz can be accessed by selecting this link.

Click here for Hazzan Holzer’s Passover Playlist

Guidelines for when Passover falls on Shabbat

Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guidelines:

Rabbinical Assembly Kashrut Subcommittee Recommendations for Pesah 5781. It should be used in conjunction with The Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide.

How to prepare for Passover when it falls on Shabbat

Times for Rituals (Please note changes due to Shabbat observances)

Thursday, March 25
After 8:15 pm – Search for Hametz (B’dikat Hametz)
Monday, March 29
8:19 pm – Havdalah on Day 2 of Passover
Friday, March 26
12:29 pm – Latest Time for Burning Hametz (Biur Hametz)
7:23 pm – Shabbat Candle Lighting
Friday, April 2
7:28 pm Shabbat Candle Lighting
Saturday, March 27
11:21 am – Latest Time for Eating Hametz
8:18 pm – Shabbat Ends
Saturday, April 3
8:23 pm – Shabbat Ends
Sunday, March 28
8:18 pm – Candle Lighting on Day 1 of Passover
Sunday, April 4
8:23 pm – Havdalah
After 9:23 pm – Hametz may be purchased/eaten



   The Rabbinical Assembly’s Feast of Freedom

PJ Library’s Haggadah

This will definitely be a night to remember.

Design you own haggadah or
download a themed seder at

Connect the theme of being a
refugee with the HAIS Haggadah.
A Different Night is available as a free PDF.
Jewbelong’s haggadah hits the highlights &
helping everyone to avoid being “jewbarassed.”




Virtual Sedarim

Click here for links to virtual Passover Programming for all around the country.